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What is Collectionizer?

Collectionizer lets you easily manage and organize all your collections and inventory.

Whether you are collecting stamps, comics, old radios, or Pokémon cards or you just want to keep track of all your favorite board games, video games or perhaps dessert recipes, Collectionizer has you covered.

Let’s get started

Starting a new collection is super easy. Since all the fields in each collection are customizable it’s completely up to you on how you’d like to organize your collection.

You can start a new collection from scratch or by picking a template like Books, Movies, Board Games or Lego.

Have a collection of snow globes? No problem! Start a new collection and add some fields like name, number of snowflakes, purchase date, size and maybe even a potential selling price.

Beta test

At the moment Collectionizer is still in beta phase so there might be some limitations, but we’re working hard to improve and add new features and templates.

Your first collection will always be completely free..

..and if you sign up during the beta phase you can even create up to 3 collections absolutely for free!



Collectionizer has lots to offer and new features are added regularly.

Here is a hand full of features Collectionizer has to offer

Versatile and customizable

Since every collector and every collection is different, Collectionizer lets you have full control over the fields you want to use.

Add as many fields as you like and choose for example from Text Fields, Option List, Dates, Ratings, Currency, Images and many more.


To quickly find items in your collection, the app offers Field filtering, Field ordering and general search.


Share your Collection with the rest of the community..

..or checkout what kind of collections others have shared and get inspired.

Always at your side

Collectionizer is a cloud-based webapp so wherever you have an internet connection you can have access to all your Collections.


Collectionizer is currently in beta phase and completely free to use.
In the future we might charge a small fee for additional features, but until then the entire app is completely free to use.

The best part is: No matter what happens in the future your first collection will always remain free of charge!


"Collectionizer realy helped me get a grip on my Retro Game collection"
Jack Boardshaker
Retro Game Enthousiast
"By Collection lovers for Collection Lovers"
Jack Boardshaker
Retro Game Enthousiast